Wind is everywhere, wind is universal, it is almost no wind or never!

It can be windless but usually there is plenty to do in Bruges in the Ommeland!

We do not strive for perfection, where is it perfect, but for fun, for warmth, an atmospheric home feeling!

We want to distinguish ourselves from a hotel where all rooms are usually identical, we are a bed and breakfast with 4 rooms each with its own character, a different view, a different wind!

Tramontana, Mistral, Sirocco and Levante are the names of our 4 guest rooms. They are common winds mainly in Europe and we hope that all guests feel at home with us, wherever they come 'over blown'!

Come the guests with us on vacation for a few nights to cycle, supertof, or maybe their family lives in our neighborhood, then they can also stay with us for 1 night, or there is something to do with us in cultural terms such as a visit to Bruges, you can cycle with us through the Castle Route!

Customers are also welcome who want to stay here because of professional reasons, an early breakfast is not a problem, the morning has gold in the mouth!

A wedding or a dinner in the neighborhood, but do not want to drive 100 km back or stand in traffic, here it is quiet!

Or maybe you have something to celebrate and wish to enjoy a luxurious breakfast with bubbles!

For each his own!

Welcome to B & B Tramontana!